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"How Would You Like To Skyrocket Your Adsense Income With Our Easy-To- Use, Ready-To-Go Adsense Sites and Templates?"

Discover How To Build Red Hot Websites So Good, Traffic Will Be Beating A Path To Your Door!

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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer

If you're struggling to make money in the Internet Marketing world, you're probably feeling really frustrated by now. After all how much harder does it have to get to make a decent living online?
There is so much to learn and so much to do...

Before you know it, months have passed, you've spent thousands of dollars on every internet marketing tool imaginable, and yet you still haven't made a dime. It's frustrating, maddening and for many it's where they give up in defeat.

The problem with marketing on the Internet is the sheer magnitude of skills involved to become successful.

Just building and uploading a website to cyberspace is daunting for most people, and that's before you even think about actually selling anything.

The problem is, your time is usually one of the most precious things you have, (I know it is for me).

  • Because you don't have the months or years to spare learning copywriting, web design, html etc.

  • There may be a sense of urgency requiring you to be able to get online as quickly as possible. 

You may have been

  • Downsized in your job, and need to get an income coming in as quickly as possible.

  • You may even be a student desperate to pay your college bills.

  • You may just want to take up a lucrative new hobby (which I'll warn you becomes really addictive)

  • Or you may even be a stay at home mom eager to make some extra cash  
Whatever the reason you want or need to make your presence felt in the world of Internet Marketing, you need something to give you a push up the ladder and give you the start you're so desperate for...
Check these boxes if any of these statements apply to you!

You've read every book you can lay your hands on about Internet Marketing

You've spent thousands of dollars on every latest piece of software touted by the Guru's

You spend every night until the early hours toiling in front of your computer

Yet you haven't actually got much (if anything) up there in cyber space!!!

The solution is to start thinking on your feet because you want something to help you which is quick reliable and won't cost you your sanity or your life savings...

Well done Kim and Debbie
Having been a member of Kim's NHP and NHA from the beginning and having purchased a number of sites created by Debbie, I had no doubts that their combined expertise would work extremely well together.
Having had the opportunity to beta test 'Niche Site Dynamics' I am happy to say that they have more than exceeded my expectations.
The sites and the PLR content are of the same extremely high quality I have become used to from these two professionals but the huge amount of support material contained within the membership area came as a very pleasant surprise.
In fact, I cannot think of anything else they could have included to make a truly comprehensive support package - for example there are close to 100 video tutorials from the very basic 'how to' stuff for complete newbie’s to many advanced techniques for those of us looking for new inspiration to further improve our online businesses.
I cannot recommend this highly enough. Just one site on its own is worth much more than the monthly membership but to get four sites each month together with all the PLR articles and support material is just unbelievable.
Richard Taylor
Online Marketing Mastermind Group

You don't need to know how to write HTML

For instance did you know one of the most successful Marketers on the Internet today can't string a line of HTML together? (Yet he's making a multi million dollar fortune every year)!

One of the main secrets to Internet Marketing (If it is a secret) is finding the right collection of tools, and sticking to them.

Tools in any industry are important, and Internet marketing is no different, The problem is, so many people have their heads turned by the next "must have" piece of software, and they end up with a hard disk drive full of expensive ebooks and software they have never read or used.

My name is Kim, I'm a Registered Nurse/Online Entrepreneur. I've been marketing online for nearly five years now, running two membership sites (not to mention my affiliate and own product sales), and I'm doing extremely well.

Just a very small sample of part of my daily paypal income(To prove I know what I'm talking about)

Do you want to know one of my so called "secrets"?

I outsource as much of my business to other people as I possibly can!!!

This enables me to do what I do best, which is not only building my business (and making money), but also helping other people realise their dream of making it big on the Internet too.

Do you want to know another of my secrets??

I use Xsitepro to build most of my sites. I love this software because it just about does everything for you (Even down to checking whether your pages are well optimized or not for the search engines)!

I'm asked many times for help on how to design and build websites...
And the first thing I say to anyone trying to get a foot into Internet Marketing is buy Xsitepro!

One person I have been working with over the last year is talented website designer Debbie.

Debbie who has been working fulltime online for several years has a unique perspective on both graphic design and Internet Marketing. She's been providing her customers with fabulous well designed websites for a number of years.

Debbie loves Xsitepro our very favorite solution to the Newbie Nightmare of not being able to build websites as much as I do.

The Xsitepro templates she creates for us over at my membership site Niche Health Products are fabulous. I just tell her the subject for the month, and she comes back to me with a template to give my members which are a work of art.

Debbie and I got to discussing how we could help the many people who need a hand launching a website business, and we've come up with an idea which may not be unique, but will offer those people who are desperate to start their own online business fantastic value.

Because we've decided to combine both our skills and offer YOU content filled, quality made search engine friendly sites as a membership service.

Combined with our our knowledge and success as Internet Marketer's, you can't lose...

Complete novices will soon have a portfolio of professional looking websites.
Using nichesitedynamics and xsitepro I was able to have a brilliant looking, highly optimised site online within one hour of receiving my membership log in details.
The instructions are extremely easy to follow and even a complete novice will soon have a portfolio of professional looking websites.
All in all first class membership site with first class support.
Gary Tomlinson

Before I go any further, let me tell you one thing...

Anyone who tells you that you can make money on the Internet without doing any work is lying to you

The days of throwing a poorly designed website up onto the Net and waiting for the cash to roll in are long gone, and it annoys us both immensely when this myth is still promoted.

Many of those software generated sites which were once helping their owners enjoy a rich lifestyle, are suddenly not producing enough income to buy them a bag of chips!

Of course you have to do at least some of the work, because if you don't get off your butt and learn how to market, how on earth do you expect to make any cash??

I refuse to promise you instant riches because...

Being an Internet Marketer is darned hard work, and if you're not prepared to accept that, then I guess you're in the wrong business.

What I will promise you though is with the solution I'm going to show you, we'll make it as easy as we possibly can for you to build the foundations of a good solid Internet Business, (And help you learn how to run it effectively in the process).

Because we are not only going to provide you with fresh content and professionally designed websites, but we will also provide you with the tools and resources to help you get up and running and on your way.

Welcome to Niche Sites Dynamics!

Your KEY to success in the Virtual Real Estate Market!

Ok here's what I'm not going to promise you

  • I'm not going to promise you will make thousands of dollars every month just because you've joined the Niche Sites Dynamics Membership Site! (I'm not a liar and neither is Debbie).
  • I'm not going to promise all you have to do is upload your sites, sit back and watch the money roll in whilst doing nothing, (because it won't happen). If you don't do any work on your sites, don't expect them to make you any cash...
  • I'm also not going to promise you that if you join us we'll do every bit of work for you (We've got our own businesses to run thank you)!  

What I will promise you though is this,

We'll help you as much as we can by supplying you with professionally built search engine friendly websites that will give you the foothold you so desperately need to get your online business up and running.

We'll also give you the support and the tools you need to help you get your websites to the top of the major websites.
 One of the finest and most comprehensive membership sites I have seen!
Kymi and Debbie have put together one of the finest and most comprehensive membership sites I have seen!  I have a number of websites created by Debbie that were purchased through the WSO and I can honestly say that they are top notch sites! 
But, the sites are not the only things that are top notch about the membership site.  The extensive list of training videos will make you feel as if someone has you by the hand and is walking you through the whole process of creating a virtual estate empire! 
Thank you Kymi and Debbie for sharing you wealth of knowledge and creativity with everyone who is fortunate enough to belong to Niche Sites Dynamics!
Marty Wilkinson
One topic we won't be touching, is Internet Marketing!!!
Why would you want to go there anyway, there's far too much competition!!!

Believe it or not, the Internet doesn't just belong to Internet Marketers looking to make a dollar or two. 
There are tens of thousands of people looking for information on lots and lots of different subjects.
So what are those "normal" topics  people are searching for in their thousands.
Thousands of searches are made every month on a variety of subjects ranging from Digital Camera's, How to get involved in wine making, Skin care, (and the list goes on)...

Check this screen shot to see how many searches there is for Skin Care on Overture.

There were 75625 people looking for information on Skin care in Sept 2006 on one Search Engine!

Wine making is another very popular term people are looking for information on...

21,636 people searched for information on how to make wine in Sept 2006.
Can you see where I'm going with this!!! 
Stop trying to sell stuff to the Internet Marketing crowd and start concentrating on "Niching" your Virtual Estate Empire!  
Check out these screen shots of two of the first months websites (available in xSitePro and HTML)

Sample Sites

Click on image to see larger version

Click on image to see larger version

I've told you what we won't do for you at NicheSiteDynamics, now I'll tell you what we will do...
  • Research the best online niches we can find for you every month (Which pay out decent dollars on adsense income)

  • Build your websites for you using Xsitepro, (And provide the html pages if you don't own Xsitepro)

  • Research and collect all your keywords (Using Word Tracker)

  • Supply you with all the tools you need to help you make your business a success 

Here is an exact list of the super benefits you will receive when you join Niche Sites Dynamics today

Every month you will receive:-

4 Expertly Designed xSitepro and HTML Websites on 4 very well researched topics, (and no they won't be Internet Marketing). These sites will be literally plug and play, all you have to do is download them, load them into your Xsitepro program and ftp them up to your server. (My 2 year old grandson could do it)!!!
($400 Value)

If you don't have Xsitepro, the html pages are supplied for you to use with your favorite editor

niche site dynamicsHundreds of Tightly-Focused Keywords. Whether you're going for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or optimizing your web pages for higher ranking in the Search Engines, having a list of targeted keywords is no less than crucial. But we're going to save you the time, effort and money from having to do the micro-niche research yourself because you'll be "spoon fed" with our careful research - all done for you!
($400 Value)

niche site dynamics 25 Private Label Articles (per website). Yes that's 100 articles per month written solely for your use...These articles will be on highly searched for topics to complement your websites and are specially written to give you excellent well written content for those hordes of visitors beating a path to your website. (Not to mention all those search engine spiders). 
($1000 Value)

10 articles will be preloaded for you, (to show you how it's done,) The rest will be stored in a folder all ready for you to work on.
All our articles are freshly written Private label which means you can
  • Edit the articles so they are unique to you
  • Include your own resource box with your business details and links 
  • Compile your own special report or E-book, and... 
  • Create your own content-rich web sites or blogs and slam in your own affiliate programs to profit from 
All articles are ghostwritten by my carefully picked team of ghostwriters who research the subjects thoroughly, so you can conveniently benefit from our work without crediting us... or even share a single cent of profits!

But wait.....there's more


Your membership also includes....

niche site dynamics A membership library crammed with ebooks and software to help you get your business up and running. (We've paid an enormous amount of money for many of these products which you will receive free with your membership).
(over $3000 value)

niche site dynamics Video Tutorials - These training videos can help you with all aspects of your online marketing. They take you by the hand and show you step by step how to start and run your Internet Business with some very basic Newbie steps. There are over 75 videos covering everything from buying a domain name to some basic html tips.
($97 value)

niche site dynamics Gimp Videos - Gimp is a free graphics editing program that you can get at http://www.gimp.org/  
But while this is a handy software program you need to know how to use it, so we acquired some Gimp Video Tutorials to do just that! 
This will allow you to make changes to the PSD header files you'll get to make them more unique to your websites 
($27 value)

niche site dynamics Extra header graphics that come with resale rights. These will be in addition to the headers that come with your sites. 

This gives you more choices for headers should you want to go that route or you could use them for other sites you may want to create. Since you'll also have the gimp videos to show you how to make changes you'll be all set and ready to go. 
 Also not only can you use them yourself, you can also sell them on to other people.

niche site dynamics KaleidoSite Pro - This brilliant software can create new harmonious color schemes for your websites instantly!  KaleidoSite Pro is a powerful site morphing tool that is able to transform your whole website.  

This means it changes everything...the images, background colors and text with just a few simple clicks.
($47 value)

niche site dynamics Keyword Explorer - Now you can easily find popular search terms from the overture database. You can perform searches using single keywords or key phrases.
See Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly And Yearly numbers of estimated Searches then compare the number of searches to the number of 'Results' found in Google for those exact keywords.

While we already do the research for your niche sites, you may want to perform your own keyword research to determine what keywords you want to target to create additional pages.
($27 value) 

niche site dynamics Unique Content Pro - This nifty little software program will allow you to Point-n-Click your way to easily make your privatelabel articles into real unique content! You can create over 100 unique Private Label articles within minutes!  
This is so much more cost and time effective compared to rewriting the articles manually on your own, which would obviously consume more time and effort.
($67 value)

niche site dynamicsSpeedy Content Writing - This 32 page guide will show you a golden formula to create or rewrite your own articles quickly! It's not about article spinning or anything like that. You will actually write the content, and learn how to do it fast to produce a well written article. ($27 value)

niche site dynamicsA secret bonus - you'll discover what this is once you enter the members welcome page
(Value $50)
 niche site dynamics
Access to the Niche Health Products.com Forum where you will find a friendly helpful group of marketers just dying to help you build your business.
(value priceless).

niche site dynamics
A cap on membership at 400 people
(We're using these sites ourselves as well, we have a vested interest in not saturating the market with them!
(value priceless).

I've just had my trusty calculator out, and I estimate the cost of everything comes to well over $5000...(Phew)

We've been trying to estimate how much we should charge for monthly membership to NicheSitesDynamics.
$97 a month has been suggested because of the sheer scale of what we're offering to our members, but both Debbie and I know this is out of the price range of those people we want to help.

We then thought about $67 a month, but again we both thought this was still out of the reach of many people trying to establish a business on the Internet.

So we're going to offer you the opportunity to join our fantastic new membership site for only $39.97 a month.  That's just under $10 per site! Heck you're lucky to even get a decent template for $10, much less a professional looking web site! Plus you get all the extra goodies we're including, so how can you possibly go wrong?
However we will seriously be considering raising the price higher than this quite soon, so I would suggest if you want to cap your membership at this very low price, you join before the price does rise...

We're expecting a stampede of people to join up at this price, so I'd get your membership before they are sold out!

Remember, we're capping the membership at 400 people! 

Join our brand new newsletter "All about Niche Sites"

And we will send you 10 brand new never seen before PLR articles on Internet Marketing.

You can do anything you want with these articles, sell them, add them to other membership sites, submit to article directories etc. (They belong to you, you have complete rights).
We never send spam or rent and sell emails.

As if you're not already getting enough value for your money, you'll also get these great bonus items! 

These are brand new ebooks recently released!

Road to PLR Riches
Your Path to Private Label Rights Riches in the Internet Marketing Niche!
You've probably realized that the Private Label Rights popularity has been booming in the Internet Marketing circle especially since the yesteryear, though the practice of private labeling has been around for a long time in offline businesses.
While the popularity and demand for Private Label Content is exploding, the side effect left a growing competition among marketers and resellers alike.
Road to PLR Riches details out the latest information and strategies on how you can stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge expert uses of Private Label Content!
Quick & Easy Guide To Article Marketing
How To Maximize Your Online Business Profits And Exposure Through Expert Use Of Article Marketing!
There is one time-tested way of promoting your websites and products that you - or anyone - can be achieve for at the price of zero cost.
This FREE method can be responsible for boosting your sites ranking and sales by leaps and bounds.
This method is none other than Article Marketing.
Quick & Easy Guide To Article Marketing shows you how to maximize the leverage of article writing and article marketing in your favor!
Opt-In List Building For Beginners
The Essential Step-By-Step Guide To Building Your Very Own Responsive Opt-In Mailing List!
One of the main challenges for any newcomer to the marketing scene is building their own mailing list.
Some did not realize the importance of list building while the rest are usually left clueless about the awesome power of both list building and email marketing combined.
Opt-In List Building For Beginners shows you not only how to start your own mailing list in a step-by-step fashion, but also detail out how to make your opt-in list responsive to your offers!
The PPC Marketing Guide
How to Have Red Hot Targeted Traffic Delivered Straight into Your Website for Massive Profits!
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising involves sponsored links that are typically in the form of text ads that are usually placed close to search results on Search Engines.
In essence, PPC advertising is all about bidding for the top or leading position on search engine results and listings. Advertisers do this by bidding on keyword phrases that are relevant to their products or services.
The higher the bid, the higher the spot on the search results, the more the people will find the ad!
The PPC Marketing Guide shows you how to make drive in red hot targeted traffic into your web sites for massive profits and leads!


Whilst you're trying to decide whether to join or not, someone else has taken action and may be already counting the money they have earned from their adsense websites...
If you take action with the sites and tools provided, you're bound to make some money, so take that first step today!

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